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Jul 3

The Athletic Gene

Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson believes there is an athletic gene as a result of slavery in the United States and in the Caribbean. ‘It is currently being researched to see how much of a factor being descended from slaves contributes to athletic ability.’ says Johnson.  

If you actually look at the facts…it’s pretty crazy.  For example, all of the worlds fastest men have been of African decent and from long lines of slavery which slave owners used selective breeding to produce the strongest slaves (strongest man breeds with the strongest woman).  The worlds fastest man EVER Usain Bolt is of african decent and ancestry traces back to a slavery plantation in Jamaica.

What people fail to understand is that these core athletic abilities such as speed, are genetic traits and the fact of the matter is…if you are not fast you are never going to be fast.  This is something you are born with.  

Now, several people will claim that this is a cultural thing.  For example, the reason there are more african american players in the NBA is due to the fact that more african americans play basketball as a cultural thing…this is comical and probably a theory developed by someone who has never played sports in their life.  Very few people make it to the NBA and its because it requires one to have a specific set of traits. For example, quickness, height, jumping ability…pretty much athletic ability, which is all genetic.  

If we look at another sport, football for example, we can examine the position which requires the most athletic ability…the running back.  Now why is it that we rarely see white running backs?  It’s pretty simple, they lack athletics and it’s not because more african americans play football than whites.